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North Carolina Pulp & Paper

Wood yard modernization project: Mid-South Engineering provided engineering services to support the brownfield installation of a new wood yard from the entrance road to chip screening. Services included complete civil engineering, roadway design, custom scale house and new scale installation, and foundations for a new radial crane. Additional services included EPC vendor coordination and “balance of plant” piping and electrical engineering. Full-time on-site construction coordination was also provided for the duration of construction.

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Alabama Pulp & Paper

Mid-South functioned as the EPC supplier for a complete rebuild of a transverse log slashing system that was originally installed in 1976. Demolition of the old system and installation of the new equipment took place during a 3 week annual mill shutdown. Mid-South was involved in all project aspects including design, procurement, construction management, operator training, start-up and commissioning. The project was recognized as the “Project of the Year” by International Paper due to excellence in project planning, installation execution, exceeding stated production goals and safety.

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Maine Pulp & Paper

The project involved coater kitchen upgrades and significant modifications to a trailing blade coater.

All new PM except for modified press and dryer sections. The project involved adding new cleaners and screening, new save-all, complete new twin wire forming section, press rebuild, dyer rebuilds, new moistening boom, new calendar stack, reel and winder, and a new roll wrapper. The project converted a paper machine that made lightweight directory paper to an SCA machine producing paper for rotogravure and offset printing.

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Louisiana Pulp & Paper

Louisiana Pulp & Paper

Modernization of the Woodyard Optimization project.

Included detailed engineering: drum discharge conveyors, chipper infeed conveyors, bark collection convey, etc. Provided detailed engineering for the Bark Tripper at BTC2, Powerhouse Bypass Conveyor and Powerhouse Bypass Bark Storage.

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Mississippi Sawmills

Bruce, Mississippi Plant

First curve sawing of dimensional lumber in the world up to 12-inch depths and 20-foot nominal lengths. This technology revolutionized the lumber industry.

Philadelphia, Mississippi Plant

First lineal tree length scanner/optimizer that resulted in the ability to obtain the true shape and dimensions of a tree and then quickly simulate the best cutting patterns for making lumber. The result allowed the industry to maximize our natural and renewable timber resources.

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