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Mid-South provides engineering services for all areas of power plants. Our engineers have experience with commercial and industrial boilers using a wide range of fuels: biomass, liquor, natural gas, compressed natural gas, oil, and alternative fuels.

Our staff has experience in Combined Heat and Power plants ranging in size from under 1 MW to 600 MW.

Modeling of existing and proposed energy facilities is a specialty service provided by Mid-South. Our in-house models are used to evaluate types of fuels, costs of high-pressure steam and extraction steam, cost of electricity, project economic feasibility, and identify opportunities for upgrading or re-fueling plants, and so forth.

The Mid-South team has extensive experience in inspecting the condition of hydroelectric station structures and systems and providing maintenance and capital projects engineering in hydroelectric facilities.

• Energy
• Waste Wood & Wood Chips
• White Wood Pellets
• Black Pellets
• Torrefied Pellets
• Briquettes
• Alternative Solid Fuels
• Solar
• Hydro-Electric
• Wind
• Power Transmission
• Natural Gas
• Bio-Diesel

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