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Project Services

Mid-South offers a range of customizable services beyond traditional engineering and design to serve some of the unique requirements of our clients throughout the execution of a project. We recognize that all projects have needs beyond pure engineering and design that may not be adequately met using internal resources.

Project Controls

Project Controls is a wide range of services we offer to supplement our client’s internal resources when executing a project. These can include, but are not limited to:

• Budget vs Commitments Tracking
• Commitments vs Invoicing Tracking
• Cost to Complete Forecasting
• Supplementary Project Accounting
• Productivity / Earned Value Analysis
• Purchase Order / Change Order Management
• Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Reporting
• Roles and Responsibility Matrix
• Risk Assessments

Owner’s Representation / Owner’s Engineer

An Owner’s Representative is an engineer embedded in a project team who is aligned with the Owner’s objectives and complements the Owner’s own due diligence and foresight over the life of a project. This inherently adaptive role reports directly to projects Owner and may be performed as a third-party.

Third-Party Project Oversight

Project Oversight involves performing financial and technical due diligence as a third-party. This function provides in-depth project oversight over the life of a capital project and engages our subject matter experts to ensure every dollar spent is a value-added expenditure.


Our project schedulers are experienced engineers with a fundamental understanding of the planning, permitting, procuring, engineering, constructing, and commissioning efforts required throughout the lifecycle of a project. We develop, update, analyze and translate project schedules into actionable insight allowing our clients to front-run the critical path and coordinate project resources with maximum efficiency.

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