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Mid-South adds reality capture scanning to our list of services

Mid-South is happy to announce that we have added reality capture scanning to our list of services and will incorporate these scans as part of our standard offering on project proposals where it is appropriate. Our new laser scanning system will augment traditional field measurements with the ultimate goal of providing more precise and complete engineering deliverables.

Laser scanning is a method of high-accuracy mapping or reality capture that uses laser beams to quickly obtain complete detail of an entire construction project or existing facility. A 3D laser scanner captures millions of data points, providing information about buildings, structures, and equipment, in seconds. In fact, a single laser can capture up to two million 3D data points per second. Laser scanning is the most accurate form of measurement currently available, delivering accuracy within 0.075 inch (2mm). Incorporating a laser scan into Mid-South’s engineering design will provide more accurate and more complete site information and can reduce the cost and effort of manual measurement. In addition, the scanner data combined with new construction 3D models can help identify possible clashes, limited access areas, and potential safety issues early in the engineering process, reducing the number of change orders in the field.

Whether you want to accurately capture and document existing conditions to produce as-built drawings or you would like to consider site improvements, contact us today to schedule a 3D scan.

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