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Arkansas Sawmill

Mid-South Engineering was selected to provide engineering services  on a 388 MMBF sawmill in Arkansas.  Our work included the design of a new sawmill facility on property adjacent to an existing and operating sawmill complex. The facility quickly became a new “state of the art” sawmill that was built on an undeveloped “brownfield” area of property owned by the client. The engineering scope of work included engineering services, process design (civil, foundations, structural, architectural, electrical, equipment layout), quality assurance, purchasing assistance, pre-operation engineering services, and on-site construction coordination.  This engineering effort was recognized by ACEC with numerous design awards.

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Mid-Atlantic Ocean Port

Mid-South Engineering worked with a national conveyor supplier & fabricator to engineer & design the structural support systems for the conveyors at a Pellet Loadout Facility at a major international port facility. Mid-South was responsible for the structural engineering and design (member sizing) of the conveyor truss systems, bent support systems, and all transfer structures; including head houses on the top of the storage domes. This facility is capable of storing up to 90,000 metric tons of wood pellets and shipping the pellets around the world. There were many obstacles and clearances requiring special engineering of some support bents to allow for both vehicle (Tractor Trailer) and railroad passage for both during construction as well as once the facility was operational.

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South Carolina Particleboard Plant

Four separate projects combined to make one large plant expansion. Expansion of the facility allowed the plant to grow the capacity of its particleboard and thermally-fused laminate operations. The particleboard expansion will increase by 60 million square-feet annually. These investments will allow the company to meet the growing demand for particleboard and broaden its TFL design offering in the region.

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South Carolina Pellet Plant

Mid-South Engineering was selected to be the Owner’s engineer on this greenfield project. Our services included coordination of multiple EPC vendors, complete detailed electrical engineering, and piping design. Mid-South Engineering also provided procurement assistance for material handling equipment, electrical equipment, buildings, and multiple installation contracts. Additionally, we provided complete document control and full time on-site construction coordination.

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North Carolina Pulp & Paper

Wood yard modernization project: Mid-South Engineering provided engineering services to support the brownfield installation of a new wood yard from the entrance road to chip screening. Services included complete civil engineering, roadway design, custom scale house and new scale installation, and foundations for a new radial crane. Additional services included EPC vendor coordination and “balance of plant” piping and electrical engineering. Full-time on-site construction coordination was also provided for the duration of construction.

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Code Matters | What is required for an Emergency Action Plan?

Code Matters

by Karen Griffin, Staff Architect, Mid-South Engineering, Hot Springs, AR


What is required for an Emergency Action Plan?

Referenced Codes:
The International Building Code (IBC), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA standards 29 CFR 1910.38), NFPA 101 Life Safety Code

The short OSHA Answer:
If there are more than 10 employees at a facility, a written Emergency Action Plan (EAP) will be required. If there are fewer than 10, the plan may be communicated orally. EVERY building or facility with an EAP saves lives. Nothing in the following list should be a surprise to any employer, but the question is, do any of these items need updating at your facility?

Elements of a good Emergency Action Plan are:

  • Procedure for reporting fires and emergencies
  • Procedure for emergency evacuation with posted maps of exit routes
  • Procedure for employees who stay behind to continue critical plant operations
  • Procedure to account for all employees after evacuation
  • Procedure for performing rescue duties
  • Listed type and coverage of building fire protection systems including alarm system
  • Review of plan with: new employees, all employees if plan changes, or change of duties for emergency plans
  • Drills held at both unexpected and expected times and under varying conditions, with sufficient frequency to familiarize occupants with the drill procedure as a matter of routine.

Did you know?

  1. A written record of each drill shall be completed by the person responsible for conducting the drill and maintained in an approved manner (NFPA 101).
  2. Required Emergency Plans shall be submitted, reviewed, and updated by the authority having jurisdiction (NFPA 101).
  3. When conducting drills, emphasis shall be placed on orderly evacuation rather than on speed (NFPA 101).
  4. In some buildings, the International Building Code requires a schematic floor plan detailing the building core, means of egress, fire protection systems, firefighting equipment, and fire department access. This plan shall be located at the fire command center, a room designated for fire department operations. Smaller buildings will locate the fire command center in a convenient location with 24 hour monitoring.
  5. Your architect/engineer can make code compliant exit route maps with exiting paths shown, to be posted throughout your plant buildings or facilities.

Alabama Pulp & Paper

Mid-South functioned as the EPC supplier for a complete rebuild of a transverse log slashing system that was originally installed in 1976. Demolition of the old system and installation of the new equipment took place during a 3 week annual mill shutdown. Mid-South was involved in all project aspects including design, procurement, construction management, operator training, start-up and commissioning. The project was recognized as the “Project of the Year” by International Paper due to excellence in project planning, installation execution, exceeding stated production goals and safety.

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